Safety When Engaging Your Snapchat Followers.

Having many Snapchat followers is the only way to have fun and keep in touch with friends on Snapchat. With the ability to views snaps and videos once, it can reach a point you are addicted to this app and expose yourself more to strangers. Your safety and security should remain paramount as you continue having fun and many engagements on this platform.

Always take and post only appropriate photos to your Snapchat followers at all times. With the ability to screenshot your photo, your photo can be saved forever by people you know little about. Limit your private details as much as you can as you have fun. To some degree, only chat with people and friends you have met personally. It may seem hard because you want many followers to keep the conversation going but look at the bigger picture. The few ones you know will guarantee your safety rather than many that will expose you quickly. Lastly, ensure that you edit your private settings and select ‘my friends’ to make sure that you are only able to receive snaps from your friends and not every Snapchat user.