Safety When Engaging Your Snapchat Followers.

Having many Snapchat followers is the only way to have fun and keep in touch with friends on Snapchat. With the ability to views snaps and videos once, it can reach a point you are addicted to this app and expose yourself more to strangers. Your safety and security should remain paramount as you continue having fun and many engagements on this platform.

Always take and post only appropriate photos to your Snapchat followers at all times. With the ability to screenshot your photo, your photo can be saved forever by people you know little about. Limit your private details as much as you can as you have fun. To some degree, only chat with people and friends you have met personally. It may seem hard because you want many followers to keep the conversation going but look at the bigger picture. The few ones you know will guarantee your safety rather than many that will expose you quickly. Lastly, ensure that you edit your private settings and select ‘my friends’ to make sure that you are only able to receive snaps from your friends and not every Snapchat user.f1

Four Approaches To Attracting Many Snapchat Followers

The Snapchat platform is only fun and engaging if you got followers. That is why on creating an account, you have to devise ways to get those followers depending on the reason you put up the account. Those using it for business purposes require these numbers who to their customers and need to translate the same to sales. Getting more Snapchat followers will mean that more people are now seeing whatever content you are posting and will keep the conversations going under those posts. As a newbie, there are simple inputs you can do to start attracting followers your way quickly without paying for anything but free.

Following others; the first simple step to attract more Snapchat followers is to follow others. It is the quickest way to get the attention of other users that are already here and have an online presence. It is a give and take approach, and it is advisable as a newbie, make the first step.  Some may reciprocate back while others will ignore or assume. Increase the chances of being followed back by following as many people as possible. Try as much as possible to select users who are following many but have a little number of followers their way. Most accounts that will follow you here are will not generate any engagement but will form you a great base to build on tailored followers. The vast numbers are to prove your credibility and existence online. Try and balance the following and getting followed not to appear as if you are spamming other accounts.f2

Engaging your followers; a dormant account will automatically lose followers. Whereas you are busy looking out for more fans, reduce the number of mass unfollowing by engaging the numbers under your Snapchat handle. Consider updating at least once on a day to make your presence on your follower’s timelines. You are likely to lose more followers because of two things; not posting at all or posting too much in a certain timeframe. Do not just update for the sake of posting but get relevant, useful and engaging content. Most people peruse the lists of the accounts they are following and delete those dormant, inactive or dull accounts that are only filling numbers.

The use of bots; this is the best and fastest way to get many followers though it may go against the terms and agreements of Snapchat administrators. With this bots, you can search for similar users, and you don’t have to like each independently because they are many and will take time to do so. The bots will do it for you. The liking and commenting on their content will raise their interest and pull them to opening your profile and follow you. To get started with bots, search for “follower macros.” Be keen and cautious because such apps may appear spamming and the administrators may suspend or raise a red flag over your account. Do it cautiously to remain within the terms set to avoid draining all efforts and losing the followers you had taken time to gain because of the account suspension.

The content you are posting; there is a broad niche of content that everyone on Snapchat is interested in. You cannot cover everything, and that is why it is important to narrow down to a specific one and get followers tailored to your niche. Incorporate such information in your profile bio to give a clue on what to expect for those wanting to follow you. Without it, you can attract more followers but again expect mass unfollowing if they realize it was not what they expected in the first place. Settle for content that is wide and will keep the engagements going over time without offending any of your followers. Avoid topics that touch on politics, religion and gender matters because it can cause conflicts in the course of engagements. Choose the appropriate time to post, what to post and spread it across the entire day when you know your followers are online. You can be posting relevant content but at the wrong timing when most people are offline or engaged elsewhere. It may take time to get the timing right, and that is why it is a trial and error at first.


The above four approaches are ideal for getting more Snapchat followers and vary from one user to the other.